Best Upcoming Online Conferences for Developers (Most of Them Free)

Best Upcoming Online Conferences for Developers (Most of Them Free)

25 online tech conferences worth attending in 2021


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Technology is the fastest-growing industry nowadays, which requires developers to keep up with the updates. What makes the 2nd half of 2021 an especially attractive time for attending conferences is that in the post-COVID times, most organizers host events online for free!

To help you find the best deals, we’ve compiled the following list of upcoming online conferences for developers that will take place from June to December 2021. Please note that the list is not comprehensive because most of the Q4 events will be announced later.

June 2021

Low-Code Marathon

Date: June 1-14, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Topics: Low-Code Tech, No-Code Tech

Low-Code Marathon Developer Conference

Low-Code Marathon is a 10-day event for IT and business leaders on building successful low-code and no-code products. The marathon will be hosted online starting June 1st, 2021, and will introduce the attendants into the low-code tech, showcase successful businesses in different industries, share tips and tricks of building a successful low-code product and highlight the trends.

UX Fest 2021

Date: June 1-3, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: £450 (+ £100 for Tuesday Masterclasses)

Topics: Interaction Design, Product Design

UX Fest 2021 Developer Conference

UX Fest 2021 is a three-day event devoted to all things UX that will start June 1st. It will hold talks about interaction design, product design, UX writing, multi-variant testing and growth design. You’ll be able to join short talks, live Q&As, and panel discussions.

You can also purchase a pass to Tuesday masterclasses that will run on June 8, 15 & 22. Industry leaders will share their skills in design research, writing, building strong design teams and more. This pass will cost you £100 +VAT. Check out the masterclass schedule.

Every Thursday in June, they will also hold festivals that will celebrate design, the culture around it and the future of the profession. Speakers will mostly cover design strategy, culture and ethics, as well as other topics. Check out the festival schedule.

Online Angular Global Summit

Date: June 1-2, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free for Junior Track – entry-level talks; $299 for Junior and Senior talks, recordings included

Topics: Angular

Online Angular Global Summit Developer Conference

Online Angular Global Summit is a three-day event that will take place online starting June 1st. Leading engineers from Microsoft, Google, Upwork, Samsung, JetBrains will share their expertise about the new Angular 11 version. You’ll learn about unit testing, accessibility issues, Angular tools, effective designer and developer collaboration, application optimization and more. You can also purchase tickets with one of the workshops – prices start at $299.

F8 Refresh by Facebook

Date: June 2, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Topics: Facebook tech: Instagram, Messenger, Spark AR, Facebook Cloud Gaming Platform

F8 Refresh by Facebook Developer Conference

F8 Refresh is a free online event for developers who can sign up on the Facebook for Developers page. The speakers will showcase the latest Facebook apps and tech, including augmented reality, business messaging, business tools, Facebook Login and gaming. Check out the event schedule.

UXcamp Europe 2021

Date: June 5-6, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Topics: UX Design

UXcamp Europe 2021 Developer Conference

UXcamp Europe 2021 is a free online event that used to be held offline and quickly sold out during the pre-COVID times. On June, 5 they will announce the schedule and share the links to individual session boards. Overall, about 10 sessions are expected, discussions and networking including.

WWDC21 – Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Date: June 7-11, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Topics: Apple products: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8, MacOS 12, and TVOS 15

WWDC21 – Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Developer Conference

WWCD is Apple’s largest event for developers that will take place entirely online. Apple will preview iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8, MacOS 12, and TVOS 15 and talk about the future of their products. There are rumors about new iPhones, iPads, Macs and AirPods, Apple transitioning from Intel processors to its own chips for its Mac computers and working on a new range of products, including self-driving cars, VR and AR tech. Which of these rumors will prove true – we’ll learn at WWDC21.

Data & AI 2021 by IBM

Date: June 8, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Topics: Machine Learning, DataOps, ModelOps, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Data & AI 2021 Developer Conference

Data & AI 2021 is a free AI-centred event held by IBM. You’ll participate in talks and discussions dedicated to machine learning, DataOps, ModelOps, deep learning, natural language processing and more. You’ll get an insight into open source technologies and career experiences to plan your next career move.

During the conference, you can also join a 24-hour livestream party to hang out with the speakers and ask questions.

Check out the event schedule.

React Day Norway Online

Date: June 9, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free (+ Swag tickets with merch)

Topics: JavaScript, React, NextJS, Gatsby

React Day Norway Online Developer Conference

React Day Norway Online is a free full-day conference with internationally renowned speakers discussing React, React Native, and GraphQL.

Speakers include professionals from IBM, Mailchimp, Tinder, Auth0, Cognite and more.

Future Developer Summit 2021: DevRel, The Next Day

Date: June 9, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Topics: DevRel, Developer Marketing, Relations & Experience

Future Developer Summit 2021: DevRel, The Next Day Developer Conference

The second episode of Future Developer Summit will be held on June, 9 and will introduce ways of how developers can skyrocket business performance, followed by a networking session and a master class about effective developer communication channels.


Date: June 16-17, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Various packages available, starting at $49 per person

Topics: Product Design, Product Development, UX

UXDX USA 2021 Developer Conference

UXDX is one of the fastest-growing product development conferences that will host a two-day event discussing the latest trends in User Experience (UX) and Developer Experience (DX). It will deliver inspiring case studies, panel discussions with like-minded experts, and workshops. The ultimate goal of the conference is to discuss team effectiveness and performance among product owners, designers, UX, developer and QA teams.

Dublin Tech Summit

Date: June 17, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Starting at $29

Topics: The Internet of Things, Big Data, FinTech, Innovation, MusicXTech, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security

Dublin Tech Summit Developer Conference

Dublin Tech Summit is a one-day event that combines technology, innovation and business to produce insight into the future of trends and technologies. Experts from over 70 countries will come together to share knowledge, debate the latest trends, and network.

Check out the event schedule.

ADDC – App Design & Development Conference

Date: June 23-24, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: $299

Topics: App Design, App Development, UX Design, UI Design

ADDC – App Design & Development Conference Developer Conference

ADDC is an opportunity for designers and app developers to share expertise, work together and get inspired in the space of like-minded individuals. Speakers include product designers, UX designers, engineers and developers from Strava, Sharp3D, N26, Touchlab, Wallapop and more.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021

Date: June 28 – July 1st, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Start at $99

Topics: App Design, App Development, UX Design, UI Design

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2021 Developer Conference

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is one of the largest annual events for developers, engineers, software architects and tech decision-makers. Global industry leaders will share their professional insights on the current and future trends, hold workshops and networking sessions.

Watch the 2019 talks to get familiar with the event.

July 2021

jsday 2021

Date: July 6-7, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Starting at €39.82

Topics: JavaScript, NodeJS, Vue.js, React

jsday 2021 Developer Conference

jsday is a conference dedicated solely to JavaScript and its ecosystem. This 2021 edition is taking place online and will last 2 days (July, 6 and 7). Since its first edition, it has attracted speakers and visitors from Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Opera and more.

During this virtual conference, you’ll be able to watch live streams, ask questions to speakers, connect and network with other attendants.

Watch the past talks.

SciPy Conference 2021

Date: July 12-18, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Start at $99

Topics: Python

SciPy Conference 2021 Developer Conference

SciPy 2021 is an annual Python-related conference where industry leaders will showcase their projects and share their expertise. The full event program will include 2 days of tutorials (July 12-13), 3 days of talks (July 14-16) and 2 days of developer sprints (July 17-18).

Check out the event schedule.

August 2021

Open Source Summit North America

Date: September 27 – 30, 2021

Location: Online or in Seattle, Washington, US

Cost: TBA

Topics: open source solutions

Open Source Summit North America Developer Conference

Open Source Summit is an opportunity for open source developers and tech enthusiasts to collaborate and learn about the latest technologies and innovations across open source. Summit speakers will include developers, sysadmins, DevOps professionals and IT architects discussing cloud-native, edge computing, AI and more. The event is hosted by the Linux Foundation as a four-day event, the ticket cost is to be announced.

Check out the event schedule.

September 2021

London Tech Week

Date: September 20-24, 2021

Location: Online or in London

Cost: TBA

Topics: Digital Transformation, AI, 5G, Investments

London Tech Week Developer Conference

London Tech Week will host a 5-day event that will connect innovators and entrepreneurs and include round tables, activations and networking moments. The event will offer upskilling opportunities, discussions and innovative solutions across various industries. London Tech Week also prepared awards nominations that will be disclosed later.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

Date: September 21-23, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Start at $49

Topics: Startups, Emerging Tech, Fundraising

TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 Developer Conference

TechCrunch Disrupt is a three-day online event that will focus on founder-investor relationships and share insights to successful communication and funding. Startup leaders will share their experiences and gather to answer questions and connect.

You can choose from multiple passes starting at $49. Review the passes and their special privileges.

SpiceWorld Virtual

Date: September 27-29, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Topics: Security, Cloud, Virtualization, Automation, Software

SpiceWorld Virtual Developer Conference

SpiceWorld is bringing together thousands of IT professionals and hundreds of tech brands for this 3-day event. You will hear talks about tech innovations and the latest IT solutions and will have an opportunity to network with peers. The agenda is yet to be updated, but you can already register for the event for free.

International JavaScript Conference

Date: September 27-30, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Start at $611

Topics: Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, Progressive Web Apps, React

The International JavaScript Conference will take place on September 27-30 and will cover insights on the present and future JavaScript. These four days of the conference will be filled with keynotes, talks, live coding sessions, networking and workshops.

TNW (The Next Web)

Date: September 30 – October 1st, 2021

Location: Online and in Amsterdam

Cost: Starts at € 100

Topics: Startups, Emerging Tech, Fundraising

TNW (The Next Web) Developer Conference

TNW Conference is a 2-day conference that will bring together tech executives, top-tier investors, scale-ups and start-ups for business and knowledge sharing. You can expect valuable keynote content, interactive sessions with audience engagement, and plenty of opportunities to connect and do business with people attending in-person and online.

October 2021

DotNetOS Conference

Date: October 4-6, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Starts at $595

Topics: .NET 5, .NET Core and .NET

DotNetOS Conference Developer Conference

The DotNetOS Conference is a free online three-day conference where top speakers from large-scale companies like Microsoft and Amazon will share their knowledge of the .NET 5, .NET Core and .NET performance. Every day you’ll meet three new speakers that will give 1-hour talks each.

The event agenda has already been established:

DotNetOS Conference Developer Conference


Date: October 6-8, 2021

Location: Online and Dublin

Cost: Various packages available, starting at €49 per person

Topics: Product Development, UX Design

UXDX EMEA 2021 Developer Conference

UXDX EMEA 2021 will focus on product design, product development and UX design during a 3-day event. The conference will deliver live and on-demand content through case study talks, panels and workshops from global leaders.

Check out the event agenda.

Google Cloud Next’21

Date: October 12-14, 2021

Location: TBD

Cost: TBD

Topics: Google Cloud

Google Cloud Next’21 Developer Conference

Google Cloud Next’21 will deliver insights into how companies have transformed their businesses with Google Cloud. The event agenda or any other details remain undisclosed, but you can explore content from Next OnAir ’20 and subscribe to the event updates.

API World

Date: October 26-28, 2021

Location: Online

Cost: Starting at $595

Topics: API, microservices

API World Developer Conference

API World is an all-virtual event for technical leaders, engineers, software architects, and executives that will focus on API & microservices tech. The event’s overview is already available on the conference website, though the details of the event agenda are still to be announced.

Along with the conference and workshops, you can take part in an online hackathon (October 18–28) and expo (October 27–28).

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